So much to love about Boise

Boise has been on the best places to live list for years now, and there’s no question in my mind as to why that is. In 2019 it was named the best place for Millenials to live, and being around that age myself, I agree wholeheartedly. Right after I graduated college in May of 2020 (Yes, during the pandemic!) I moved to Boise. I’ve lived in Idaho my whole life, I was born and raised in Sandpoint and then moved to Moscow for college. Idaho and I are no strangers, but the ‘big’ city of Boise was a far cry from what I was used to. After living only in small little towns, making the move to Idaho’s capital was a big change, but I’ve loved every second of it. 

Making a big move during a pandemic is never ideal, but being in Boise made it easy to feel at home. While I’m still catching up on exploring new restaurants, museums, and such, I’ve become very familiar with many of the recreational areas we’re lucky enough to enjoy here. I’m a lifelong skier and frequented Bogus Basin during the winter months. One of my favorite things about Bogus is its versatility for recreational use all throughout the year. I’ve hiked, camped, and picnic-ed during the summer, and I’ve downhill skied and nordic skied during the winter. There’s so much more to offer too; there are yoga classes, live music, and more always going on!

I’m definitely a foodie, and I’m always looking to try new restaurants around here. Some of my favorites so far have been Mai Thai, Eureka!, Matador, and Wylder. To me, the best part of living in a bigger city is all of the diversity and variety of food!

If you’re trying to quickly learn a new city, I’d recommend becoming a real estate agent. Wink After getting my real estate license in January 2021, I pretty rapidly got the hang of the city. I was always driving around to new parts of town I’d never been to. I’m currently living on the Bench in a cute little townhouse that my boyfriend and I just finished renovating! We’re thrilled to be settling down in a city as great as Boise.

I’m constantly finding new things to love about this city, and there’s never a shortage of fun activities! Whether you’re floating the river, hanging out downtown, boating on Lucky Peak, Skiing up at Bogus, or visiting a museum or library, there’s something here for everyone.


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