Fall Home Maintenance Checklist!

Well, folks! It's about that time! Fall is here, and cold weather is quickly upon us. It's time to button up your home for Winter. Here's a checklist to help you through!

  1. Check your roof for loose or missing singles – fixing leaks once it's snowy and icy will be a big pain.
  2. Time to clean out the gutters! you won't want a bunch of debris stuck in there during the Winter.
  3. Check porch and deck railings, stairs, etc. to ensure everything is safe and secure once snow and ice hit.
  4. Store your mower and lawn care tools
  5. Put away hoses and turn off outdoor water
  6. Drain and shut down your sprinkler system
  7. Direct gutter drainage away from your house
  8. Service your furnace, and check your chimney for any blockage
  9. Put away outdoor furniture

And last but not least, enjoy this beautiful fall!

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