Caldwell – Hometown, USA!

My family moved to Caldwell in 2018.  I had just taken a position as a Boise Police Officer, and I was looking for an affordable community near Boise where we could finally set down roots.  After driving all around the area, Caldwell just struck me as an adorable little bedroom community.  I loved the downtown historic district near the College of Idaho (called the “Harvard of the West”!).  I loved the tree-lined streets and the thriving downtown.  I loved that no one seemed to know about it!  Score!

After purchasing our first home in Caldwell and now our second, I can truly say that Caldwell feels like MY hometown!  I grew up in the military and then spent the better portion of my adult life moving as well.  I have always dreaded the question, “Where are you from?” … Did they mean “Where were you born?”  or “Where did you move from?” because I didn’t feel like I was FROM anywhere!  I had moved so much my whole life that I had never put down roots and I lacked that sense of belonging.  After moving to Caldwell, I finally feel like I have a hometown!  I love my cute 1920’s bungalow and I love my neighbors.  I actually KNOW my neighbors, which is a first for me! 

During the summer months, we take in a movie at the local drive-in theater or visit one of the many parks.  We go swimming and fishing at Lake Lowell and then pop over to the fruit and veggie stand to grab as much fresh produce as my fridge will allow.  My son knows Mr. Claude, who runs the thrift shop downtown, and now that the movie theaters are back open, he gets to enjoy an occasional matinee when it’s too hot to play outside.  For the 4th of July, there is a huge parade put on by the local City Council followed by an amazing firework show at the local high school. 

On Thursdays, I take my son to the Indian Creek Plaza for the library-sponsored book reading.  Afterward, the local coffee shop has discounts on coffee for me and milk and cookie for my son.  Then he runs around with the other kids in the splash pad while the moms and dads socialize under the shade of the umbrellas.  On Tuesdays at the plaza, there’s Yoga in the morning, a farmers’ market in the afternoon and then live music every evening. 

In the wintertime, we walk downtown and enjoy the beautiful Christmas lights that take over the entire downtown district.  We go ice skating and sometimes even partake in a horse-drawn carriage ride, followed by hot cocoa on the way home.  Santa makes an appearance at the train station in December and many of the local churches have carolers that go door to door. 

Does this sound too much like a Hallmark movie to be real?  I can assure you that its all true!  And while part of me wants to keep the secret to myself, another part of me just has to share.  I feel so lucky that my son gets to grow up here and I can’t help but wish the same for other families.

The County Fair is in town so I gotta wrap this up before the Mexican corn stand sells out!

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